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  • Disturbed by pains in your spine and joints?
  • Worried about the state of your cardiovascular system?
  • Is it necessary to choose a treatment and improve your parents’ health?
  • Want to lose excess weight?
  • Tired of work and stress?
  • Want to get a full value examination?

Come to the sanatorium "Khmilnyk". We will help you to get rid of your illnesses and bring back the joy to your life!

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Those, who once have felt on themselves curative force of radon water, again and again come back to our Podilsk Baden-Baden. If you are still in thoughts, where to improve your health and have a good rest, collect your suitcases, we will hospitably meet you in trade-union sanatorium "Khmilnyk"!

Sincerely yours, the head physician the candidate of the medical sciences, the Deserved doctor of Ukraine
Alexander Galachenko.

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Trade-union sanatorium "Khmilnyk"

Sanatorium "Khmilnyk" is the most powerful institution of the Kmilnyk resort. Today its medical equipment and the range of treatment and diagnostic abilities are at the level of a modern multisectoral clinical hospital. The sanatorium is situated in a picturesque part of Vinnytsya region and there is everything needed for treatment, rehabilitation and recreation – radon mineral water with unique structure, large deposits of healing peaty mud, favorable climate, clean highly ionized air, nearby river and forest expanse. The “Khmilnyk sanatorium” brand advantages are effective treatment with an individual approach to each patient combined with personal service, family comfort and hospitality.


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 The sanatorium “Khmilnyk”



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